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Jim installed a new complete Ac System
All work was done as promised. Gave excellent service, professional and knowledgeable.
Would recommend them highly.

Hilton J    March 17, 2014    Lauderdale By the Sea, FL 33308   

The motor on our A/C quit working back in August. Jim came out back then and provided us with options (repair or replace).
We chose to repair our unit and everything has worked since. This week, while using the heater due to the cold weather, the unit stopped working completely.
Jim came out again and determined it was a a simple fix (which, now that we know, we can handle ourselves if it happens again).
Both times we have used Jim he has been responsive, reliable, and - we feel - honest. Whenever you spend a lot of money you wonder if you're getting a good deal.
His follow up today was an easy fix that simply cost us the service call fee.
It just reinforced my belief that he's an honest business owner and I would not hesitate to recommend his services to friends and family.

Nathan H    September 5, 2013    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308   
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I have been a customer of Jim's for 12 years.
He is kind, honest, reliable and trustworthy. Most of all he does the job and does it correctly.
I can totally recommend his service and ability without question.

Amelia Schreibman    July 8, 2014    Parkland, Fl 33067   


ANNE COUFAL    June 18, 2012    MARGATE, FL 33068   

Saturday morning before Tropical Storm Isaac was to land at our doorstep our 2.5 central a/c stopped blowing. Couldn't get it to run.
The company we were pleased with on our last call (5 years ago) was not open on Saturday. Looked on Angie's List and found this company.
I called,the lady said she would have Jim call back in an hour. He did call back as I was told. By then we had gotten our a/c to work but I told him since it is a 15 year old unit I wasn't sure I wanted to gamble on it. He told me that it would cost me $85 for him to check it that day and he would get back to me later to see if I wanted him to come. As he said, he did call me back a few hours later. I told him to come. The a/c was working but I wanted to be sure it was ok. He came, said we could use some more gas. He said the unit could last another day a few months, or even a year. Couldn't say. So we added the gas, discussed possible future ideas and he left.
I felt that he was responsive, came and called when he said he would and that he was honest. When my unit does die he will be one of a couple that I will call for an estimate for a/c replacement.
For someone to come out on the eve of a storm and be so punctual is a plus for me. I would suggest Jim Salomon if you need a/c repair or replacement.

Jason R    August 25, 2012    Deerfield Beach, FL 33442   

I was very happy with how quickly they got out to my home to do the job.
They are an excellent company to work with, knowledgeable, professional, competitive pricing, great customer service.
I would definitely use them again.

Luis P    March 16, 2014    Deerfield Beach, FL 33442   


ROBERT RYAN    May 7, 2012    PEMBROKE PINES, FL 33027   

Jim repaired my air conditioning outside unit, the Fan motor went out.
They did a wonderful job, professional and easy to work with.
My AC now works great.
Competitive pricing, show up on time.
Great company to work with!

Jasmine F    April 15, 2013    POMPANO BEACH, FL 33060   

Got home at 7:00 PM this evening, after being out for an hour, to no central A/C.
Looked in the separate fuse box and saw one of the two fuses had blown.
Went to Lowe's and bought some replacement fuses.
Replaced the fuse.....turned on the power....both fuses blew.
Went onto Angie's List and called at 7:15.
Jim, the owner, said he would be here around 8:30 PM.
He showed up on time, had all the tools, diagnosed the problem (bad capacitor relay), replaced the relay, and I was up and running by 9:15 PM.
VERY happy!!

Thomas R    May 20, 2014    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309   

Woke up today (Saturday, May 24 ) to our house being at a temperature of 82 degrees -- A/C was not working. I have a service contract with one of the companies here in South Florida -- called them -- they said they could have someone available on Monday (May 26) -- 2 days later. I asked if it would be possible to get someone in sooner -- they said no.

Given that the forecast was for 95 degrees all weekend, I went on Angie's List looking for A/C repair close to us. This is the Memorial Day weekend and I thought I would be very lucky to find someone available to repair it. Called Air Conditioning by Jim at 8am. Explained my problem -- was told that they could be at my home between noon and 1pm. At 12:45 Jim was at my door. I explained the problem -- he went immediately outside to the unit, removed the panel, and identified the first issue -- a burnt out relay. He replaced the relay, checked the other circuitry -- checked the Freon level (we were down a lb or so) then went up in our attic to check the condenser unit. He also had me check the air filter -- when I showed it to him he said I should replace it every month (we have 4 dogs that shed).

He did all of this within 30 minutes. There is something about someone who truly is an expert in their profession -- they get done what needs to be done in a highly competent, professional manner. I can say that about Jim.

Robert Schneider    May 24, 2014    BOCA RATON, FL 33433   

My old AC system was not running efficiently it was time for a change. I needed a complete new system and after looking at few quotes, I am glad that I selected Jim AC to do the job. He did an excellent work, professional and clean job. this guy knows his trade. My energy bill is now saving me $125.00 per month, well worth it!
I would definitely recommend him to everyone I know.

Rose Marie    February 6, 2014    Deerfield Beach, FL 33442   

Jim Replaced our existing reverse cycle unit. We got a 2 1/2 ton, 14 SEER by American Standard (Trane) and Also he added a vent in the kitchen.
Jim was punctual with appointments and phone calls. He is knowledgeable and we were very pleased. Got another estimate from an a/c company that we had been happy with in the past but Jim's price was a lot better. He told me it would take 3 - 4 hours and he was out the door in 4 hours as he said.
Everything about dealing with Jim was good. He is now my go to guy for air conditioning. We are more than pleased.

MICHELLE C    February 15, 2014    FT. LAUDERDALE, FL 33309   

Called at 12:20. Jim was here by 2:30. Saved me money by recommending a life time, washable filter. I was getting ready to order my usual filters, which are more expensive and have to be replaced every month. Replaced my defective thermostat.

BEVERLY R    February 14, 2014    CORAL SPRINGS, FL 33076   

Just moved into home 3 weeks ago & one of the a/c units stopped blowing cold air.
Jim came out found the problem right away (bad contractor relay)& replaced it.
Also cleaned out both units for more efficient usage.
Pricing was completive, and Jim was very professional & personable.
Definitely recommend company. We will use them again.

Linda Johnston    May 15, 2014    Coral Springs, FL 33071   

Jim has serviced my A/C for the past 8 years. Always on time or calls if going to be late.
Honest Pricing, he does neat work. I will continue to use his service.

Barbara Blau    June 9, 2014    33066   

My husband and I had been having problems with our 13 year old A/C unit.
We decided to call Jim's company, we were surprised when he answered the phone and came out the same day. We told him that we just wanted to get through the summer before we replaced the unit. We felt he was very professional and honest. Jim suggested that we not sink any money into the unit because of it's age. When checking out the unit he suggested that we remove a pair of bikes that we had stored near unit. He said it was possible that the air flow around the unit was being hindered by the bikes.
We are keeping our fingers crossed that the unit will last through the summer and when the time comes to replace the unit Jim's company will be out first choice.
Honesty and integrity does still exist! PS He's also a Dolphin fan.

Nancy B    April 20, 2014    Coral Springs, FL 33071   

Thank god I meat Jim, this guy was so nice and friendly, and he knows what he is doing, very professional, got the job fast and the most important he was really good with the price. I can sleep with a cool AC now. Will recommend to everybody. Thank you Jim for excellent work A+.

Junior    July 12, 2014    Deerfield beach   

I called Jim and explained the problem, my Ac that wouldn't cool and another unit that was leaking.
Jim set an appointment for after lunch and promised to call when he was on the way. As promised, Jim called when he was 30 minutes out and showed up on time.
He diagnosed the problem with my AC that was not cooling and explained my three options: charging with gas (the cheapest at $270 plus labor) and hoping for a few more years, replacing just the old style compressor with the rusted, flaky coils (+10 years old now; $1500) or replacing the handler and compressor with the newer standard ($3000).
We agreed to go with the charging today and see how that goes.
Jim then blew out the lines of both my systems and cleaned my filters.
I am very satisfied and will recommend Jim to my friends. He is friendly and outgoing and did not try to pressure me into buying a new AC.

Garrett P    June 18, 2014    CORAL SPRINGS, FL 33067   


ROBERT R    August 25, 2013    PEMBROKE PINES, FL 33027   

Jim came to replace the motor in my AC unit, Fast, Service, affordable, and done right.
Very nice guy. He will be my AC guy from now on!

Melissa H    May 30, 2014    Pompano Beach, FL 33062   

My A/C unit broke down on a hot Florida evening. I found Jim's Company, he had good reviews and was located close by.
I called the number and despite the late hour (it was about 6pm), to my surprise Jim himself answered (no answering machine, receptionist etc). I explained that my A/C unit wasn't working.
About two hours later Jim pulled up, and about a half hour later the problem was fixed. He replaced a part that had gone bad. I don't remember exactly which part, nor do I care. All I care about is that I am writing this in a cool condominium. I believe Jim's price was very fair, especially since he came out after normal business hours.
It was also re-assuring to have Jim himself performing the work, as he is licensed in HVAC service (not just a technician with minimal training).
I highly recommend Jim and his company if you need A/C repair.

Stephen. R    May 9, 2014    CORAL SPRINGS, FL 33067   

I had my air conditioning system replaced by Jim. What a great experience! They arrived when they said they would, they were professional and they left my house neat as a pin.
I would be happy to recommend Jim to anyone. Thank goodness we do have professional contractors in South Florida and thank you, Angie's List, for making my decision so much easier.
Everything was great. They took out the old air conditioner, put in the new one, with a new thermostat. The new system is quiet and I am just happy with the whole experience

Angela H    June 30, 2014    DEERFIELD BEACH, FL 33442   

This company was unbelievable to work with!
Our unit stopped working around midnight on Saturday night. I went on Angie's List and found that Air Conditioning and Appliance by Jim had good reviews and opened on 9 am Sunday.
I called right at 9 and my call was answered right away. I was told Jim was out of town and asked if I could wait until Monday. I had explained I had a 3 month old infant and couldn't wait. They were so great and explained that even though JIm couldn't come they could send a different technician for me right away. When he didn't answer they called me back to inform me they had left a message but hadn't spoken to him incase I wanted to call someone else. I said I would wait until 11 when another company opened. 10 minutes later they had gotten a hold of him and he contacted me. He was at my house 45 minutes later. He quickly diagnosed the problem and explained everything to my husband. He fixed the broken parts and we had our air back on less then 3 hours after I made the call on a SUNDAY! I am so grateful! While the technician was here JIm's secretary called me to confirm the technician had arrived and was completing the job to our satisfaction.
Their customer service is superb! i will definitely call them again when we have an AC need!!

Samantha R    May 13, 2013    CORAL SPRINGS, FL 33076   

After fielding multiple bids, I went with AC by Jim because I knew that Jim was going to be physically present and working on my system himself.
This is in no way intended to disparage larger companies that send technicians, but when the owner of a particular company is present on the job site, that job is going to be done exactly the way he wants it done and no corners are going to be cut. Jim helped me determine which system was best for my house, gave me the info on the various brands available to me, and gave me whatever personal advice I needed when making a final decision, including the pros and cons of the various manufacturers out there and the quirks of their individual components.
Jim and his team arrived on-time and spent the entire day (many companies try to install a system in a few hours, and believe me it takes longer than that to do it correctly!) installing a brand new American Standard system that was more than twice as efficient as my old 1987 unit. Everything was done with the proper permits and up to code.
Jim is definitely a person I would recommend to everyone.

Joseph M    July 1, 2014    Deerfield Beach, FL 33442   

We had the filters in the air conditioning system changed and the vent pipes cleared.
The worker showed up on time, clean and friendly, great personality.
We are very pleased with this company and will use then again.

ARTHUR M    April 7, 2013    POMPANO BEACH, FL 33069   

Jim came to repair our air conditioner because it would not blow out cold air.
He did a great job, knew exactly what was wrong with it, and took care of the problem.
He was in and out in no time, Great personality and clean and polite.
Really Satisfied!

JAMES N    July 18, 2013    MARGATE, FL 33068   


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